Mar 21, 2009

Weekend Review 21.03.09

This past week on blog.alan.schram I managed to post once a day, every weekday at (around) 6AM. I managed to do this by writing the posts out a day or two in advance, and scheduling them to go up. So continue to check back on a daily basis, new content is going up all the time.

The week started off with a spending record. From there, I talked about motivation as well as the credit crisis. I then tried to tackle our own personal behavioral barriers in regards to money, like our ignorance and fear. Finally, I concluded the week with the conclusion that the biggest barrier to financial freedom is ourselves.

Next week, look forward to the continuation of the saving $100 challenge, as well as the beginning of a new series of articles.

My earnings at Associated Content continue to slowly rise, even though I haven't been posting any new articles. I have now earned twenty four cents, only a penny away from a quarter! My most popular article, to date, is How to Plan an Inexpensive Wedding. My least popular article is the newest one, How to Read Bass Tabs. Some good news on that front, I can now publish articles instantly, no longer do I have to wait and get them approved. Now I just need to write more articles.

Around the Web In Personal Finance

The carnival of personal finance (collection of personal finance links) went up Sunday night at Four Pillars. My favorite article from The Simple Dollar this week was "Quality of Life and Consumer Spending", an interesting read on the connection between spending, frugality, and what we deem as quality of life. Get Rich Slowly starts a conversation on what to do when saving money doesn't seem to be getting you anywhere. I also enjoyed reading how one woman became a millionaire.

What was your favorite article of the week? What are you enjoying reading? What do you wish you could see more of? Sound off.

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  1. Hey Alan, seems like you're moving along at AC. Don't be discouraged if your articles are earning slowly at first--it takes a little while to build up a solid library of content and the longer your articles live on, the more they'll continue to earn for you.
    Consider promoting your articles outside of AC, too. That'll boost their earnings for you. Stop by the AC blog to see what's new once in a while.