Mar 24, 2009

A Look Forward

Last week I wrote about the slow start that I was having trying to make money online. I had only earned a few cents, I was frustrated because I wasn't finding enough time to write, and I was becoming worried that my time investments may never pay off. At this point, I am proud to say that I have significantly increased my earnings. I have earned over a quarter! In even more exciting news, one of my articles was featured on the Dating and Relationships category page! I am not sure how being featured is going to affect my pageviews, as AC hasn't updated their stats since Friday. In addition, the PR manager from AC commented on my Weekend Review post, encouraging me to continue writing articles for them. Looks like someone is getting some attention. Laura, from AC, reminded me that while I might not have made very much money so far, "the longer your articles live on, the more they'll continue to earn for you". This is something called "passive income", something that I would like to continue building upon.

Passive Income

Passive income is money that you are earning without doing anything for it. You put in an initial investment (time, money, etc), and then as time progresses, you continue to earn additional money from that investment. For example, interest earned in your "high" interest online savings account is passive income. In my case, I make the initial investment (time) into an article, and I earn passive income from it for the rest of the time that it is featured on Associated Content. Granted, sometimes certain articles will not make much, or any money, and will with time most likely fade, but there is always going to be a chance that another six people will view that article, and I will earn one more cent.

I used to scoff at this type of income, because it is so minuscule, and it takes forever. What I've begun to learn, however, is that time is on my side. While it might be a small amount of money now, it just may grow into a decent amount of money in a year or two. All it takes is a few minutes writing, something that I've been enjoying doing, and I have set up the potential for some future income.

The Great Blog Off

In other news, The Great Blog Off is entering its final week. I've been enjoying reading these guys blogs, and it has certainly motivated me to blog consistently. I know that I am planning on continuing to blog even after the votes have been tallied, and I hope that they will join me.

For this last full week on blog.alan.schram before The Great Blog Off vote, I will continue to write about how you can save $100 this month. I will also be outlining some of my goals for the blog and for Associated Content as I strive to continue to make money online by writing. New and exciting things are on the horizon, and I hope you join me as I learn by living.

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  1. i like these helpful "how to" blogs. different from your old stuff, but definitely just as interesting