Jan 24, 2010

New Direction(s)

There's nothing quite like a gleeful reference to a relatively fantastic new television show.

So, when I stopped posting here last, it was because I was going to start a new website. Yay! Saving For Serenity - how to achieve personal finance bliss. Well, I must have gotten there, because with the whole getting married thing, I stopped having the time or energy to write for the site, and sadly, I have not been able to regain the motivation to continue.

So I sold the site. Yep, my online digitally created property has worth. Enough so that someone was willing to give me actual dollars for it.

So where to now? I love to write, and I want to continue writing. I have been offered a job writing once a week for a different personal finance site, which I will probably take, and I'm thinking about writing about other things. Maybe I'll get back into writing for Associated Content. I've forgotten about them, but they obviously haven't forgot about me, because they keep giving me $1.50 every three months or so.

So, we'll see where this whole thing goes from here.

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