Mar 28, 2009

Weekend Review 28.03.09

So The Great Blog Off has entered its voting week. According to my count, I have one vote. From my brother-in-law. Well, I'm depressed, so let's move on.

On Associated Content, one of my articles was featured! This is terrific news, as it has significantly altered how many views I have gotten on my articles. The last time I posted, I had made about a quarter, and now I have earned over double that, mostly from the one featured article. I guess the lesson here is that it is all about exposure. Not only do I have to write a lot of different articles, I have to ensure that they are of a high enough quality to be worthy of featuring. I also have to start finding and adding my own photos, because the one they chose to add there really, really sucks.

The saving $100 challenge could have come to a close this week, if you have followed all of my posts on the subject. I know that I've saved well over $100 a month using these tips, and you easily can too. I think that I will post an official ending to the $100 challenge sometime next week before month's end, just to wrap things up before I move on to another series next month.

Around the Web in Personal Finance

Get Rich Slowly had a great post about the mentality of oversaving. He talks about how as he moved from spender to saver, he may have crossed a line and gone too far. He discusses the small, but important difference between being frugal, and being cheap.
"But at some point I crossed the line from frugal to cheap. I’ve spent the past few months seeking balance: allowing myself permission to spend on a few indulgences while choosing to cut back in other areas."
He also concludes that oversaving does not lead to happiness, and that as long as our saving goals are being met, feel free to spend the rest wisely in order to enjoy living life.

For small business owners, especially those that are just starting up, check out The Simple Dollar's post on confidence. He begins a discussion on the phrase "fake it 'til you make it", referring to how one must exhue confidence in order to build confidence.
"In other words, fake it ’til you make it is a call to arms to act confident in your endeavors, because that confidence will eventually lead to success. It’s a good example of the power of positive thinking"
I think we all struggle with our skills and talents - even more so when we're trying to set a price on our abilities.

Clever Dude Finance posted an article on ways to save money on transportation at college. That reminded me of all the ways that I saved money while at college, like living in a one bedroom apartment with two other guys. Speaking of college, Pimp Your Finances has a post about crucial questions for twenty somethings. I've thought about a lot of the questions before, but definitely not all, and definitely not all at the same time.

So what did you learn this week? What did you like? What did you miss? Anything you'd like to see more of? Less? Sound off.

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